This presentation will provide an overview of the legal rights and responsibilities of an executor (also known as a personal representative) as that person:
·         Gathers in the estate assets
·         Pays the debts
·         Distributes to beneficiaries
·         Generally administers the estate
You will also learn about the changes brought about by the Wills and Succession Act, legislation in this area. This video conference is provided by the Rise Network
Date: Wednesday, March 25
Time: Noon-1:30
Location: Granum Library
Fee: Free

Is this you? Do you need to seek input from your stakeholders? Do you need to involve your community in decision making? Do you even know where to start? Community Engagement and Consultation is a process that honors both the valuable perspectives of your public and the tasks of the decision makers. Topics include: theory and background, promising practices, designing, planning and execution, analyzing date and follow up. Join us in this hands on session as we show you a 10 step process and  practical tools to make your public consultations rock!  This is a video conference provided by Willow Creek Learning.
Date: Wednesday April 22
Time: Noon – 1:30
Location: Granum Library
Fee:  $20.00

In today’s world it is increasingly difficult to recruit and maintain a “good” board. To be effective, recruitment must be a part of an annual cycle that also involves orienting and training new board member and evaluating (formally and informally) board activities. Discussion about the benefits of building a strong board will be complemented with some practical tools that boards can use. This is a video-conference is provided by Willow Creek Learning.
Date: Wednesday May 20
Time: Noon – 1:30
Location: Granum Library
Fee: $20.00




Event Date: 
Wednesday, Mar 25 2015 - 12:00pm

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